Host Order including AUXHOST information

I spent some time in collecting as much information as possible and tried to implement them into this document. Its a quite extended listing, since I also added a few common used add-ons. If somebody realizes any missing action, please let me know and it will be added.

client actions:
- planetary structures built
- starbases built
- alliance codes checked
- update Cargo transfers
- MC transfers from owned planets
- MC transfers from owned ships
- jettison from ships
- lock towbeam
- Cloak


AuxHost1.ini (most add-ons first phase)

if Starbase+ in use:

Load Starbase+
Beam Sweep
Fighter Sweep
Scoop Mine Fields
Lay Mine Fields

if Raceplus in use:

Load RacePlus
Boost Governments
Sabotage Ships
Transfer Colonists for Crew
Super Tractor Beam
Build Free Torps
Remember Fuel Amounts
Gravity Well Generator
Repair Robot Ships
Fighter Stealth Gather
Booby trap planets

if Jupiter in use:

Deploy Beacons
Fascist Missiles
All Rebel Deep Space Base operations
Colonial Defense attack (against planetary defense posts)
Ion Control
Move/explode Antimatter Missiles
Tank landing on planets
Colonist Landing on Planets (fighting Combots/tanks)
Cloaking shields
Chemical Strike
Explode Sats (EDS, unconditional explosion)
Viral Field

- Meteor shower
- Sensor sweep & bioscan
- Loki first decloak
- Cloak fail
- Superspy deluxe (Fcode change)
- Minefield fcodes established

- Most Race Special Missions (Mission 9), in order of ID:
   * Rob
   * Hiss
   * Build fighters (incl. 'lfm')
   * Repair Self (Cyborg)

- Dark sense
- Lady Royale generates MCs
- Cargo drop (ship - planet)
- including Imperial Assault
- Transfers (ship to foreign ship)
- Beam transfer fcodes (order of ID)
- including give ships (gsN)
- Gather missions
- Alchemy
- Lay mines
- Lay web mines
- Ion storms:
- Ion storms move
- Ion storms join
- Ion storms damage ships
- Ion storms drag ships
- New ion storms formed
- Ion storms affect minefields
- Mine sweep/scoop
- Mine decay (mines destroy mines)
- New minefields Fcodes established
- Web drain
- Cheat detect
- Starbases work on ships
- First build new ships
- Clone ships
- Super refit
- Force a surrender at starbase
- Repair with supplies & make torps
- Towing ships move
- Most ships move (Incl. HYP)
- Ships with Ramscoop make fuel
- Warpwell calculation
- Intercepting ships move
- Glory device
- Chunnel
- Loki second decloak
- Other starbase missions
- Starbases dump parts
- Repair with supplies & make torps
- new natives appear
- Colonize ships


if Jupiter in use:

T-Rex Antifighter Mines
Cube Intercept
Red Wind fighter Steal
Crystal Oscillator
Use Orbital Defense Sats (build and ADS)
Sweet talk
Romulan sneak attack

- Ship vs. ship combat
- Repair with supplies & make torps
- Ship vs. planet/base combat
- Terraforming
- Structure decay
- Pillage & RGA (in order of ID)
- Happiness change Computed
- Supplies produced (incl. Bovinoid natives)
- Taxes produce MCs (if HP > 29)
- Cyborg assimilate
- Population growth (if HP > 69)
- Overpopulation dies, eats supplies
- Amorphous worms killing clans
- Riots destroy structures
- Civil wars
- Mines produce minerals
- Trans-uranium mutation
- Second ship build
- Repair with supplies & make torps
- Superspy / Explore
- Make score log
- PBP Messages

- Auxhost2.bat
- Auxhost2.ini (most add-ons second phase)

if Starbase+ in use:

Load Starbase+
Transport Ship Components

if JumpGate in use:

Load Jump Gates
Verify Jump Gates
Load Alien Ships
Verify Alien Ships
Gather Ship Friendly Codes
Attack Jump Gates
Repair Jump Gates
Travel Via Jump Gates
If Travelers > 0
Check for new Alien
Build Jump Gates
If Aliens > 0
Move Alien Ships
Restock Alien Ships

if RacePlus in use:

Load RacePlus
Activate Chameleon Device
Refuel Via Web
Return Beams to Gorbie
Booby Trap Activation

if Jupiter in use:

Colonists return from gambling
Unload Lizard Cryo Holds
Honor Device
Build/Launch antimatter missiles
Colonial Base Assault (against the base itself)
Beam up codes
Fuel-Efficient Ships

- Dump old messages
- Count UFO's
- Save Host data
- Update time stamp

( based on TimHost 3.22.046 )