About TKF

The Killing Floor, 1997, by Dale Pope is an addon to VGA Planets (using host version 3.22.015 and up, or Phost 3) that is designed to do only one thing: To resolve combat in VGAP using fleet battles; rather than the single ship combat that we all know and despise.

TKF changes totally the way that one must look at general strategy, and more importantly, battle tactics. It makes the most fundamental changes to almost every aspect of the game: ship building, combat, economic expansion, diplomacy, ship trading... the list goes on. Get the Killing Floor viewer directly at the RCworld Universe CARGO CENTER and view documentations at the add-ons page.

TKF ship bitmaps and the TKF home page are by B A N E, and are automatically installed with KFVIEW.

It is the most waited for, and most revolutionary addon yet, and the only one that I feel deserves its own web page detailing just how important it is. :). Perhaps the most... vital part of it is, it will prepare us, in many ways, for the manner of combat in VGA Planets 4.0. People who learn how to use fleet battle now will be in a better position to win games early in 4.0, and gain that edge on other people.


The unregistered Killing Floor viewer won't work on a game passed turn 30. You must register to continue using it passed turn 30. Registered users will also receive free upgrades.

In order to support Dale Pope and players willing to register, I decided to act as an registration site for this add-on in europe.

The cheapest way to register is to fill out the order form in KFORDER.TXT and mail your payment of 9.00 EURO to me (address below).

The day I receive your payment I will e-mail you a registration key.

The fastest way for you to register is using PayPal and submit the amount to ricki@rcworld.de, alternatively you can use the O N L I N E ordering method. (credit card payment)

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns about registering. You can email me using ricki@rcworld.de at any time.